Commit Backbone Staff

Marie Appel
Marie AppelManager, Analytics
When I attended university as a first generation college student and public school graduate, I became all too familiar with the education disparity in this country. I know how barriers like poverty, location, race, etc. can impact education attainment and, ultimately, a person’s life. To me, it is an absolutely injustice to let this inequality continue in our nation.
Kendra Boyle
Kendra BoyleDirector, Finance & Operations
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Roberto Delgado
Roberto DelgadoAssociate, Analytics
As a son of immigrants, I had a drastically different situation than my peers coming from similar backgrounds. I had an amazing education with boundless opportunities and resources. As a teacher, I saw the inequalities and systemic issues that lie within our education system. I want to work towards ALL students receiving a quality education because access to knowledge and skills should be a basic human right, not a privilege.
Sagar Desai
Sagar DesaiManaging Director, Operations
For me, a quality education has opened a world of opportunities. It is the singular leverage point that guarantees citizens an equal opportunity to succeed. Only when all children have access to a quality education will the community move forward.
Phillip Fabian
Phillip FabianAssociate, College Access & Success
Although I am extremely thankful for the opportunities I have received, my undergraduate work and time spent as an educator have shown me the magnitude of educational inequity in our country. I work every day to ensure that all children, all students, have the best opportunities, resources, and support to achieve their college and career aspirations.
Jonathan Feinstein
Jonathan FeinsteinDirector, Community Engagement
I am the son of first-generation college graduates, both children of immigrants. My teachers and, later, my students made me who I am. Seeing is believing: quality education can transform the life of a child, a family, a neighborhood and even a nation.
Carissa Grisham
Carissa GrishamSenior Associate, Strategy & Analytics
A high school counselor in rural Missouri all but forced my father to fill out a college application. Because of this, I know that quality education and passionate educators have the power to lift families out of poverty for generations. I work so that this opportunity will be available to all of our students.
Chris Hudgens
Chris HudgensSenior Manager, Regional Analytics
We have a responsibility to provide all our children with a high quality education, but we too often fall short by letting the circumstances of a child’s birth determine his or her life outcomes. I’m encouraged to see the work our community is doing to transform how we educate our children and I’m grateful to be able to help them in these efforts.
Chelsea Jeffery
Chelsea JefferyManager, Early Matters Dallas
Opportunity in our society begins with a quality education. We are not simply ends in ourselves, so we all have an obligation to ensure that every child has a chance to receive that education. We are parts of a larger whole that we cannot ignore.
Sarah Jensen
Sarah JensenDirector, College Access and Success
Education empowers. I’m dedicated to supporting education systems that allow college to be an option for all students. As an admissions counselor, I met students with extraordinary potential that didn’t see themselves as college material. I’m now proud to play a small part in a larger journey by supporting the advisors, mentors, and parents who support our students.
Ashwina Kirpalani
Ashwina KirpalaniSenior Director, Analytics
I am an ardent believer of the role of equity and high expectations in education. My hope is that our community continues to work together to provide every child exposure to positive experiences and people that stretch them academically, help them grow as individuals, and provide support when needed.
Kimberly Manns
Kimberly MannsManaging Director, Early Matters Dallas
Education is critical to successfully navigate the world around us and to discover one’s own voice. For me, the ability to read provided an avenue to learn about my passions and ultimately the confidence to pursue them. I believe every child deserves this same opportunity to dream big and to discover her own unique path.
Libby McCabe
Libby McCabeSenior Director, Advocacy and Governance
Every child deserves the opportunity to dream and achieve a meaningful and purposeful life. A solid education is critical to realizing one’s potential. Far too many are deprived of this opportunity. By aligning as a community and using data, we can support our schools and communities to give every child the opportunity to achieve their dreams.
Kathryn Mikeska
Kathryn MikeskaManager, Communications & Marketing
The neighborhood in which you are born shouldn’t determine the future of your educational opportunities. Every single child deserves an equal chance of receiving an exceptional education regardless of the zip code he or she lives in. I am dedicated to using my passion for education to raise awareness around educational inequities and improve access for students in our community.
Erik Moss
Erik MossSenior Associate, Strategic Philanthropy
A quality education forms part of the larger social contract between the government and its people. It is our moral obligation as citizens to demand that it be fulfilled for the sake of our city, state, and nation and to advocate on behalf of those whose voices cannot yet be heard.
Robert Mundinger
Robert MundingerManager, Strategy & Analytics
Every child is born without a past to be held responsible for, so why shouldn’t each be given an equal chance for a great future? We may lay blame for failure of outcomes only when the opportunity to succeed has been given. I work to make sure each child has that chance.
Zak Ostertag
Zak OstertagManager, Strategy & Analytics
At the core of breaking cycles of intergenerational poverty is the need for equitable, quality education for all students. While I am a product of K-12 public schools, not all students have the same access to quality education or external support as I had. I work and partner to change that.
Meredith Reid
Meredith ReidSenior Associate, Early Matters Dallas
All children deserve a safe and healthy home, a high-quality education, and a community that engages them. Educational experiences should positively shape children’s lives, yet there are factors adversely influencing so many of our children’s outcomes today. I believe by working together we can alleviate obstacles and create better systems to ensure every child has the tools to succeed in school and life.
Jennifer Richardson
Jennifer RichardsonManager, Operations
My passion for learning comes from my mother, who served as a Head Start teacher and later as a high school computer technology teacher. I have volunteered with local non-profits mentoring teenage children and created a community advocacy program called S.A.F.E. Haven to help communities assist sexual assault victims. I attempt daily to find ways to give back to others and to improve as a person.
Consuelo Rosani
Consuelo RosaniAssociate, Operations
If we want to make a difference in our lives, in our community, and future generations, we need to leverage education. I come from humble beginnings and the expectation for some people like me to go to college are low. I want to change that. I want to make a difference and for students to have a quality education, regardless of their socio-economic background. I want them to know that it can be done!
Rob Shearer
Rob ShearerDirector, Communications & Marketing
Mrs. Sasse, Mr. Caulk, Mrs. MacDaniel, Mr. Gorlick, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Bain. These are just a few of the excellent teachers who instilled in me a lifelong love of learning and shaped me in ways that still impact my life today. Every child deserves excellent teachers, and yet far too many children rarely get that opportunity. I believe we have a moral obligation to solve the achievement gap that exists in our schools that disproportionately impacts kids based on their race and their household income.
Taylor Toynes
Taylor ToynesManager, Community Impact
I am a proud native of Oak Cliff and have dedicated myself to liberating the minds of the children of my community. As the son of two educators that instilled the importance of education on me at an early age, I feel it is my duty to teach our future. A wise man once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
Chris Walters
Chris WaltersAssociate, Analytics
I believe that opportunity is rooted in a quality education. In order to fulfill our potential as a city, we need to make sure that all students – and not just a lucky few – have access to an outstanding education.
Todd Williams
Todd WilliamsCEO & President
A quality public education and 100% college financial aid completely changed my path in life. I passionately believe that every child is our child, and that each can similarly use education to do anything they want in life if we collectively commit to working differently than we have in the past to ensure that goal.

Fellows and Interns

Frank Byers, Jr.
Frank Byers, Jr.For Oak Cliff Intern
Texas A&M University
Undergraduate class of 2019
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Jackson Cole
Jackson ColeFor Oak Cliff Intern
Yale College
Undergraduate class of 2020
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Skylar Evans
Skylar EvansPostsecondary Fellow
University of Southern California
Undergraduate class of 2014
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Jasmine Fain
Jasmine FainMarketing & Communications Intern
Oklahoma State University
Undergraduate class of 2019
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Cristi Flores
Cristi FloresHuman Capital/ Educator Pipelines Intern
Washington University in St. Louis
Undergraduate class of 2019
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Natalie Johnson
Natalie JohnsonHuman Capital/ Educator Pipelines Intern
Washington University in St. Louis
Undergraduate class of 2017
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Maya Josiam
Maya JosiamAnalytics Intern
University of Texas at Austin
Undergraduate class of 2018
Hometown: Plano, TX
Azhalia Leal
Azhalia LealCollege Access & Success Intern
Southern Methodist University
Undergraduate class of 2020
Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico
Jasmine Rice
Jasmine RiceEarly Childhood Intern
Prairie View A&M University
Undergraduate class of 2018
Hometown: Corsicana, TX
Michael Wood
Michael WoodPolicy Fellow
University of Texas at Dallas
Master’s class of 2018
Texas Christian University
Undergraduate class of 2016
Hometown: Arlington, TX