1812, 2017

The Miseducation of Dallas County: Test Scores and Trampolines

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Episode two of The Miseducation of Dallas County, Test Scores and Trampolines, looks at N.W. Harllee - both the man and the Dallas ISD early childhood center named after him. Don't Want to Listen? Read the Full Podcast Below: Let’s just get the bad news out of the way right off the bat. Derek Little: So, the results, kinder, first, and second grade we do see again a year-over-year drop from last year to this year. These are not the same kids, these are different kids, but obviously we wanna see the trend moving upwards. This is [...]

512, 2017

Black Lancaster ISD Students Outperform Peers on State Science and Math STAAR Exams – Commit

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Recently, The New York Times published a story about a new way to measure school effectiveness based on findings from Stanford University's Center for Education Policy Analysis. The article explains how when examining data from over 300 million elementary school test scores, and looking at student growth between 3rd and 8th grade, "it’s possible to separate some of the advantages of socioeconomics from what’s actually happening in schools." One Dallas County district that stood out based on student growth was Lancaster ISD, particularly when compared to Highland Park ISD, widely considered one of the 'best' school districts in North Texas. When you dig [...]

811, 2017

The Miseducation of Dallas County: A Morbid Fear of Taxation

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Episode One of The Miseducation of Dallas County podcast explores the “morbid fear of taxation” in the 1870s regarding education, and the similar opposition to raising taxes today. This episode’s historical content is heavily indebted to the work of historian Jackie McElhaney. She has a book titled Pauline Periwinkle about the fight for women’s suffrage in Dallas. This podcast is dedicated to educators everywhere. The future is in your hands. Don't Want to Listen? Read the Full Podcast Below: August 18th, 2017. Rob: It was definitely a day of anticipation. Waiting for that meeting to start, wondering [...]

2609, 2017

Partnership Achieves “Systems Change” Designation

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To achieve better and more equitable opportunities and outcomes for every child from cradle to career, communities across the country are working to transform systems. The StriveTogether Network, of which The Commit! Partnership is an affiliate member, frames Systems Change as sustainable shifts in the way that individuals and organizations within a partnership make decisions and implement policies and practices to improve cradle to career outcomes. As part of StriveTogether assessment to achieve the ‘Systems Change’ designation, partners — including leaders and practitioners closely involved in work to eliminate educational disparities and improve student outcomes — provide unique perspectives on [...]

2908, 2017

Tackle Summer Slide Program Results Show Over Half of Students Gained Two Months’ Reading Ability

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Nationally, low-income students experience an average summer learning loss in reading achievement of more than two months every year. This summer, Istation initiated its 3rd annual Tackle Summer Slide program. The program is an effort to reverse summer reading loss by providing children with access to online curriculum, instruction from trained reading specialists, and learning incentives. Istation is an interactive computer-delivered program that provides every student with the individualized instruction she or he needs for continual success. Educators and parents can access online reports that track student progress and provide links to supplemental lessons. The collaborative effort between Dallas ISD, Dallas [...]

2408, 2017

85th Texas Legislative Special Session Recap

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On June 6th, Governor Greg Abbott called a special session and listed 20 priorities to be addressed during the 30 day special session, which began on July 18. Gov. Abbott later added school finance reform and Teacher Retirement System TRS-Care funding. The Legislature passed very few of Governor Abbott’s priorities, leaving the possibility of a second special session open. Most notably, the Legislature did not pass either school voucher or bathroom legislation. Additionally, teachers will be missing out on their raises, as the chambers failed to agree on how to finance a teacher pay bump. Perhaps the biggest “victory” of [...]

2308, 2017

Strengthening Cultures of Continuous Improvement in College Advising

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College advisors from Cedar Hill ISD, DeSoto ISD, Grand Prairie ISD, Education is Freedom, and Academic Success Program came together as an Impact & Improvement Network to strengthen their continuous improvement skills and impact postsecondary enrollment through growing the number of seniors completing FAFSA applications. Communities achieve results more quickly when they have a chance to work together and learn from each other. Collectively, the districts participating helped 1,686 seniors complete FAFSA applications by July 1, 2017. This represents a collective 63% FAFSA completion rate (compared to a 55% completion rate by non-participating districts) and is up from 48% last [...]

2308, 2017

Dallas County Students Show Significant Improvement on Key Academic Indicators

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The recently released State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) data from the Texas Education Agency indicates noteworthy improvement for Dallas County students. The 4th Grade Math indicator, which contributes to showing if Dallas County students are on a postsecondary pace, is the largest gain from 2016 to 2017, raising seven percentage points. Since 2012, all indicators have increased considerably (3rd Grade Reading up five percentage points, 4th Grade Math up 14 percentage points, 8th Grade Science up 11 percentage points, and Algebra 1 up 11 percentage points). Overall, 24,000 more Dallas County students are meeting The Partnership’s four [...]

1508, 2017

Bright Spot: Dallas ISD’s Academic Improvement

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With the recent release of campus and district level STAAR data for 2016-17, it’s important for The Commit! Partnership to highlight growth in academic achievement among all of our district partners…and none are more important to Dallas County’s success overall than Dallas ISD given its substantial enrollment (158,000+ students) and its relative size (the district educates 1 in 3 County students). In 2016-17, Dallas ISD continued its strong academic progress. Highlights included the following: Math achievement across Grades 3-8 grew another 5% in 2017 at the state’s “Meets” or post-secondary pace level, exceeding the County’s growth of 3%. Since 2012, [...]

906, 2017

Irving ISD Receives Commit! Bright Spot Award: 5-Year Improvement

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Irving Independent School District was recognized at our Annual Community Achievement Scorecard event in March with the first annual Commit! Bright Spot Award: 5-Year Improvement. Recognized for the best performance over the five years that Commit! has been measuring academic success across the county, Irving ISD has seen a 12% gain across Commit!’s ‘Cradle-to-Career indicators’ , and a 3% decline in income-based achievement gaps. In total, 2,161 more students are meeting key benchmarks from kindergarten readiness through high school graduation rate in Irving ISD. Irving ISD’s growth in the last year-and-a-half, in absolute and in relative terms, has been quite [...]