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Paul Quinn College: Defying National Trends in Higher Ed

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National headlines can paint a negative picture of the current and future state of higher education. The average cost of tuition, room and board for private institutions grew 10% from 2010-2015, much faster than inflation. In 2015, 1.7% fewer students completed their degrees within 6 years and fell more heavily in debt than their counterparts the year prior. It may not be surprising then that enrollment into postsecondary programs is down 2% since 2010 as more students and their parents see these sobering statistics in the news. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are experiencing even more significant challenges with [...]

107, 2016

For Oak Cliff Festival

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The Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty recently released their poverty report, stating that Dallas has the highest child poverty rate in the country. Dallas joins cities such as Baltimore and Chicago in having the largest gap of disparity between the rich and poor in America. When we focus on the total number of individuals living in poverty in particular zip codes, 75216 stands out and has one of the highest poverty rates in Dallas County. In an effort to eliminate the financial burden of purchasing school supplies, the community organized the 2nd Annual For Oak Cliff Back to School Festival, [...]

107, 2016

2016 Partner Survey Results Now Available

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Earlier this year, partners were invited to share their perspectives and experiences of The Commit! Partnership as part of a national evaluation to better understand how communities come together to improve educational outcomes. Conducted by Equal Measure, this second annual “Cradle to Career Partner Survey” was administered here in Dallas, along with 15 other communities across the country. You can read the full report here, along with a brief summary slide deck here. Here are just a few of the takeaways: Our community continues to lead on a national stage: Of the 16 participating communities, the Commit! Partnership rated consistently [...]

107, 2016

Early Pre-K Registration Campaign

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Dallas County is off to a great start to the school year with an increase of 1,348 more children registered for Pre-K! Congratulations to all those involved in our countywide Early Pre-K Registration Campaign! This marks the second consecutive year of increase and a notable step toward our collective goal to ensure at least 80% of children are kindergarten ready by 2025. This year’s Early Pre-K Registration campaign featured the combined efforts of nine local districts — Cedar Hill ISD, Coppell ISD, Dallas ISD, DeSoto ISD, Grand Prairie ISD, Irving ISD, Lancaster ISD, Mesquite ISD, and Richardson ISD — making [...]

107, 2016

Celebrating and Looking Forward: College Access & Success

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The 2015-2016 school year brought many reasons to celebrate, including an increase in FAFSA/TAFSA completion rates in five districts and an increase in college enrollment after the hard-to-navigate summer months for students participating in the countywide texting program. We are invested in supporting our community partners’ work in increasing postsecondary enrollment and completion, and we look forward to continuing that work during the 2016-2017 school year alongside you. College Affordability Over the past three years, Dallas County school districts, nonprofits, higher education partners, and business community volunteers have come together to promote a better understanding of how (and why) to [...]

107, 2016

Dallas Tackles Summer Learning Loss Together

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Dallas is at the forefront of a national movement to reverse summer learning loss – a critical challenge given research showing that low-income students, on average, experience more than 2 months’ loss in reading achievement every summer. Led by Big Thought, this summer Dallas City of Learning (DCoL) involved more than 150 partners at over 100 locations to help stem summer learning loss for approximately 50,000 students. You can read the stories of multiple DCoL partners, including Commit!, here. As part of this citywide initiative, Tackle Summer Slide is a collaborative effort focused on reversing summer reading loss by providing [...]

107, 2016

Increased Investment Contributing to Partner Momentum and Gains in College Access

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The Partnership’s efforts aligned with a growing community investment in Postsecondary Attainment are leading to strong momentum for Dallas County student achievement. While priority indicator data lags one to two years for this postsecondary area of the student pipeline, we are seeing strong progress with early indicators trending positively: 5 partner districts met or exceeded Dallas County’s ambitious 46% financial aid application completion goal, including a stand-out performance by Cedar Hill ISD which grew 14% points year over year. Commit! supported our partner districts and campus leadership with regular data analysis to targetedly prioritize and increase FAFSA completion, lifting up [...]

107, 2016

Analytics Update

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What has The Commit! Partnership's backbone Analytics Team been up to? Data Infrastructure: Harvard’s Government Performance Lab is in the process of establishing the first collaboration with a collective impact backbone in the country, selecting Dallas ISD to place a Fellow to enhance data analytics for Early Childhood and/or College & Career Readiness outcomes. Data Capabilities: The 9-month education focused D3 (Data Driven Decision-Making) Institute, led by the Communities Foundation of Texas with the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and The Commit! Partnership, has selected 16 nonprofits and will commence in October, providing training and coaching resources. Data Partnerships: The [...]

2906, 2016

Mobility Outliers – How Do Schools Support Mobile Students?

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If you ever moved schools or classrooms as a young child, you may remember the anxiety and nervousness that went with leaving old friends, building new relationships, and getting used to a new environment. Given how difficult change is, it’s no surprise that the potential impact of mobility on students' education is significant. Students who move often between schools may experience a range of problems such as: Lower achievement levels due to discontinuity of curriculum between schools, Behavioral problems, Difficulty developing peer relationships, and A greater risk for dropping out. Across all Dallas County schools, those with an average mobility [...]

1306, 2016

Lancaster ISD: Creating Engineers by Designing Like Engineers

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What happens when a group of committed district administrators, education experts and a multi-national technology company’s foundation decide that a district truly can prepare students for success in STEM careers that will be essential to the future of the North Texas region? For Lancaster ISD (“LISD”), Educate Texas and the Texas Instruments (TI) Foundation, the answer is implementing a first-of-its-kind, district-wide STEM initiative; designing, planning and iterating on curriculum and culture. The journey to close the college and career-readiness gap between Lancaster ISD and wealthier districts accelerated in 2012 when the district received a $4.8 million-dollar grant from Educate Texas [...]