Chris Hudgens, Senior Manager of Regional Analytics

We have a responsibility to provide all our children with a high quality education, but we too often fall short by letting the circumstances of a child’s birth determine his or her life outcomes. I’m encouraged to see the work our community is doing to transform how we educate our children and I’m grateful to be able to help them in these efforts.

Before working at Commit! Chris worked in business strategy at Hewlett Packard where he helped develop recommendations to optimize HP’s business performance. He has also worked at the Boston Consulting Group, a global strategy consulting firm that helps leading companies become more competitive by advising them through challenges and opportunities.

Chris spent time as a high school math teacher with Teach For America and as an Operations Manager for a middle school in Uplift Education’s charter school network. During this time, he had the privilege to work with talented educators and amazing students who inspired him to believe that true transformational change in education is possible.

Chris graduated from Brown University with a degree in History.