Educator Preparation & Support Advisory Board

The Educator Preparation & Support Advisory Board is comprised of local business and philanthropic leaders committed to ensuring every child, regardless of socio-economic status or race/ethnicity is taught by well-prepared, effective teachers. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to:

  • Engage community leaders and key stakeholders to coalesce around the importance of supporting and advancing quality teaching
  • Coordinate with other Educator Preparation & Support initiatives and support statewide efforts to impact legislation
  • Encourage communication and, when appropriate, facilitate coordination of all Educator Preparation & Support initiatives and programs (especially data sharing)
  • Identify trends and gaps, highlight best practices, and monitor progress against the regional Educator Strategic Action Plan
  • Identify, at a community level, when additional resources are needed
  • Lead (or identify leaders for) efforts to solicit and/or leverage increased resources

Advisory Board Members

<center>Britton Banowsky</center>
Britton Banowsky
Executive Director,
College Football Playoff Foundation
<center>Riccardo Bertocco</center>
Riccardo Bertocco
Bain & Co. Dallas
<center>Pedro Correa</center>
Pedro Correa
Bain & Co. Dallas
<center>Trisha Cunningham</center>
Trisha Cunningham
Chief Citizenship Officer,
Texas Instruments
<center>Charles Glover</center>
Charles Glover
Senior Program Officer,
Meadows Foundation
<center>Susan Hoff</center>
Susan Hoff
Chief Strategy, Impact & Operations Officer,
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
<center>William H. Koehler</center>
William H. Koehler
Former Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs,
Texas Christian University
<center>Sarah Cotton Nelson</center>
Sarah Cotton Nelson
Chief Philanthropy Officer,
Communities Foundation of Texas
<center>William Toles</center>
William Toles
Fee, Smith, Sharp & Vitullo, LLP
<center>Cynthia Yung</center>
Cynthia Yung
Executive Director,
The Boone Family Foundation