This week the Commit! Partnership proudly released its 2013 Community Achievement Scorecard. Focused on our collective ability to support Dallas County’s 800,000+ students on their journey from cradle to career, this year’s version includes some important new elements:

  • Dallas County’s performance relative to the State of Texas
  • Analysis of achievement gaps based on poverty and language status
  • Disaggregated achievement data by race & ethnicity and english learning ability
  • More detailed local data related to Early Childhood, Grades 4-12 and Higher Education

We encourage everyone in our community to ready, study and share this scorecard. Need a few highlights to get you motivated?

  • What happens here matters. One out of every 100 students in the United States is educated in Dallas County.
  • Dallas County’s demography is changing. The minority is not what we once considered it – today, 80% of our students are Hispanic or African American, and we need to focus on these populations accordingly. Additionally, with more than 72% of our students qualifying for free and reduced lunch, poverty is pervasive – it’s not just an “inner city” problem, poverty affects all of our communities.
  • Early childhood development/education is the most critical and effective point for intervention. The data is irrefutable – early childhood is the stage in which we can have the most impact when it comes to improving educational odds for our children. If you’re going to place a bet, put it on early childhood education. What’s more, we have the resources to address this problem. Check out this recent editorial in the Dallas Morning News to learn more about how our community can act together for the sake of our youngest learners.
  • Our students need to be better prepared for college/the workforce. We must ensure that our students are prepared to take advantage of every opportunity after high school by having the resources and support they need access and maximize those opportunities. Given the resources that we have dedicated, far too many students are leaving our education system unprepared to succeed at the next level.

Download your copy by clicking below! Questions or requests related to the scorecard? Please email