Robert Mundinger, Analytics & Data Strategy Manager

Robert is a native of North Texas who attained his primary and secondary education in Dallas public schools. Prior to joining Commit!, Robert was an equity analyst at Oakview Capital Management in Dallas. In this role, Robert conducted research on a wide variety of companies and investments to align with his clients’ needs. His interest in improving education and desire to make an impact in his own community led him to join Commit!.

Although Robert’s background is in finance, there are many other things that spark his interest. He has always been drawn to the revolutionary world of technology because of its far-reaching ability to help learners interact and engage. This inclination has pushed him to learn a wide variety of programming languages. Robert strongly utilizes these interests and skills to analyze and present complex data in a visually-appealing, simplified manner.

Robert earned his B.A. in Finance from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.