A User’s Guide to the 2015 Scorecard

What’s the purpose of the Scorecard? What’s in it? What do the numbers mean? How can I use the document? Get all of your questions answered in this webinar recording with Executive Director Todd Williams and Director of Analytics Ashwina Kirpalani.

Watch the Scorecard Webinar or view the slides below.

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The 2015 Scorecard

The 2015 Community Achievement Scorecard: A Tool for Change

The Community Achievement Scorecard reflects how well we are collectively supporting the 750,000+ students in Dallas County on their journey from cradle to career. This document and the accompanying resources on this page serve as tools to engage others and to inform action that will drive change for all Dallas County youth.

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Resources to Engage Others

On behalf of the Commit! Partnership, presenting partners and featured speakers, thanks to all who came out to attend the release of Dallas County’s 4th Annual Community Achievement Scorecard. Whether you made it out to the Belo Mansion or not, you can relive the event by downloading the presentation, checking out the event videos or by viewing the photo gallery. Along with the Scorecard itself, we invite you to use these resources to engage others.


Download the complete presentation from the Belo Mansion.

Available in PDF format. Feel free to ask us for the raw slides.

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Check out the videos we showed at our Scorecard event.

Videos available for viewing, download and sharing.

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Click here to see pictures from the event, you might even be in one!

View photos from our annual scorecard release. Are you in one?

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Commit! To The Effort

As you can see below, individuals across Dallas County are committing to work differently so that we collectively achieve greater results for our kids. Feel free to share our scorecard or post your commitment on social media using #expectgreater.

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Memorable Quotes From Event

I commit to continually pushing, motivating, and empowering myself and my team to create systems and initiatives that will ensure that 70% of our schools graduate from college in 6 years.
Aimee Rincon, Uplift Education
I commit to opening source data tools with other school districts and organizations to allow them to plug in their own data and quickly drive action.
Thomas Hay, Uplift Education
I commit to bringing mindfulness and restorative justice to my district students.
Poonam Desai, Irving ISD
I commit to making a difference every day and ensuring high quality OST programming & middle school learning collaboration.
I commit to mentoring students, as well as training mentors, to work with at-risk high school students to prepare them for college and set goals for their future.
Megan Mader, Foundation for C.H.O.I.C.E.
I commit to continuing to promote college and career readiness for all students.
James Sellers, Garland ISD
I commit to working to make quality after school available to all children, regardless of income or zip code.
Christina Hanger, Dallas Afterschool
I commit to providing programs for children with special needs at the library.
Mia Harris, Grand Prairie Public Library
I commit to continuing to support other students and families of Dallas to make sure they have an opportunity to be successful in school and life through providing the best Pre-K services to some of the cities most impoverished communities.
Tom Valent, Mi Escuelita Pre-school
I commit to spreading awareness on the benefits of early childhood education and post secondary education to parents.
Cynthia Perez, Hispanic Families Network
I commit to helping my after school students read and comprehend better, and to help spread the word about Pre-K registration.
Elizabeth Paulin, Trinity River Mission

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