• We believe the educational challenges we face as a community are most quickly solvable when we identify and share solutions that have proven successful. Stories of Impact lift up partner practices that data proves are increasing academic outcomes for Dallas County students.

Kindergarten Readiness

Lancaster ISD’s district leaders recognize the long-term benefits of a quality pre-K education and have intentionally focused their efforts on district pre-K enrollment and educator support of other area providers. By building strong community partnerships and communication strategies, Lancaster ISD leads our region in the percentage of eligible pre-K students accessing district instruction at this critical phase in a young student’s life.

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8th Grade Math

As part of its broader school choice effort initiated in the Fall of 2012, Grand Prairie ISD converted two of its lowest-performing middle schools into two new single-gender, open-enrollment middle schools: the Young Women’s Leadership Academy at Arnold Middle School (YWLA) and the Young Men’s Leadership Academy at Kennedy Middle School (YMLA). Featuring a strong relationship-based culture tailored to the specific needs of male and female students, the benefits to academic outcomes were immediate, double digit gains in test scores and reduced incidence of disciplinary actions and teenage pregnancies. Student and teacher engagement also rose noticeably.

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Postsecondary Enrollment & Retention

The strong belief that every child, regardless of background or zip code, can and will access higher education is core to Uplift Education’s school culture. To grow students’ college-bound mindset and prepare students to make their college dreams a reality, Uplift intensely and programmatically supports students from 6th grade through college access and completion through its Road to College effort.

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