Summertime is when the opportunity gap grows widest; some children have access to summer learning experiences while far too many do not. And these hours of learning loss add up, year after year. In Dallas, however, there is a growing movement to reverse this trend. Powered by Dallas City of Learning, hundreds of partners are providing in-person and online educational experiences to our most underserved neighborhoods.

The Tackle Summer Slide initiative, piloted last summer in South Oak Cliff, is part of this movement focused specifically on preventing summer reading loss among students entering grades K-3. The initiative combines small group instruction from an experienced reading specialist twice a week and individualized support through Istation’s online reading curriculum, along with incentives to encourage consistent participation. The following organizations/sites are participating this summer:

• Boys & Girls Club (Oak Cliff and Roseland Clubs)
• Catholic Charities (Santa Clara Community Center)
• Circle of Support
• Dallas Park & Rec (Cummings, Nash-Davis and Samuell Grand Recreation Centers)
• Frazier Revitalization Inc.
• Heart House
• Jubilee Park & Community Center
• Readers 2 Leaders
• Trinity River Mission

Two of these sites, Circle of Support and Readers 2 Leaders, are also piloting a parent workshop series this summer. Parents are invited to attend weekly hour-long workshops where they learn how to better support reading at home. Each workshop features a different content expert from the following organizations: Tackle Tomorrow, Istation, SMU Simmons School of Education, and The Concilio.

The Tackle Summer Slide initiative is a collaborative effort convened by Commit! and Dallas Afterschool, managed by Istation, and supported by Dallas ISD and Big Thought.