With this is mind, Commit! helps coordinate and align school districts, nonprofits, foundations, businesses, and the community in their efforts to affect meaningful and lasting change for the children they serve.

When everyone works together, the collective impact is ultimately greater than the sum of all individual impact.

The Commit! Partnership Infrastructure

  • Leadership Council

    The Leadership Council is an integral component of Commit!’s overall accountability structure, comprised of cross-sectional exec-level leaders who represent their respective institutions and have been charged with guiding the Partnership’s high-level strategy.

    Using their influence to align/broker resources with thought leaders across our community, the members of this Council will work with our Support Councils to help collectively guide improvement within our region.

  • Support Councils

    Comprised of community members with significant expertise and/or interest in the various areas of the cradle-to-career continuum, Support Councils will guide the day-to-day work of the Commit! Partnership.

    Using the best available research, local data and community input, they will set strategic priorities to positively impact their respective student achievement indicators assigned to them by the Partnership.

  • Action Networks

    Action Networks are comprised of day-to-day practitioners who will work collaboratively to address the root causes impacting our student achievement indicators.

    With guidance from their respective Support Council, Action Networks will develop and execute action plans that are strategic, targeted, actionable and measurable.