The Commit Partnership helps drive student achievement throughout Dallas County from cradle to career by leveraging data, community expertise and collaboration to:

Measure What Matters

Our key indicators measure student achievement across Dallas County

Explore Our 11 Indicators

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Identify Best Practices

Identifying practices that create an environment of outlier success

Learn How We Discover Outliers

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Spread What Works

We work to help align community resources to spread what works

A Look Into Aligning Our Community

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Students in Dallas County
Kids in Pre-K-12
Students Living In Poverty
English Language Learners

Mobilizing Together To Move the Needle:


Galvanizing Community Action For Dallas County Students

It is through the commitment and capacity of our partners that has allowed our community to make extraordinary progress over the past two years. We have helped increase funding towards initiatives that proved to be effective and used robust data to benchmark performance, find outlier success and help galvanize community will to take greater action sooner.

  • 0-5 Early Education
  • Early Literacy
  • Early Math
  • Postsecondary Attainment

Announcing Our Community Achievement Scorecard Microsite

With the invaluable help of its Data Support Council, The Commit Partnership presents its Community Achievement Scorecard Microsite, released March 2017. Rather than comparing one district to another or one school to another, this scorecard focuses on what is most important: our collective ability to support Dallas County’s 750,000+ students on their journey from cradle to career.

View the Microsite

Download the Scorecard

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